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At the farm it is possible to take riding lessons, go trekking on horseback and take day trips with pack-donkeys.
We have something for everyone – choose from Shetland ponies, horses, hinnies and donkeys!

For kids we havefour friendly ponies who can be great playmates and can also help children learn the art of riding with a “child-sized” horse.

For older riders we have three Bardigianos and two Haflinger who are well mannered and patient, perfect even for those who aren’t quite expert riders.

For those who prefer to go slowly, enjoy the countryside and perhaps take a break in the fields…..our donkeys are the perfect answer! They are always happy to walk alongside our guests, carrying small children or even just your picnic.

Lastly we have the hinny Tommy, a cross from Mummy donkey and Daddy Shetland pony. Just like ponies with long ears, he is extremely versatile and can be work in the stables and accompany walks either mounted or led with long-reins.

The weight limit for riders is 85 kg.

Riding holidays for girls aged 12-18:
a complete horse riding experience

We offer girls aged between 12 and 18 years the opportunity to have an independent horse riding experience at our farm, organising one-week courses with the purpose of teaching them to take care of the horse, to handle it and to improve their equestrian skills. The courses, which last one week, take place from Saturday to Saturday. The girls will stay in a room at the farm and will be provided with a full-board service. The number of participants is limited to 5 per week and the courses will take place with a minimum of two participants. The girls will be picked up by one of us at the Peretola (Florence) airport or at the central station on Saturday afternoon at the beginning of the course. Agreements will be made individually with parents. During the week there will be theory and practice lessons, horse riding excursions and practical activities on horse care. Among other things, we will learn to keep the gear organised, to turn the horses using a longe line, to navigate through the paths in the countryside and to decide the right pace.

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