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Guests if they like can participate in the farm activities or simply relax in one of the cozy apartments of Agriturismo recently completely refurbished.

In our very small restaurant of Agriturismo you can taste dishes with forgotten flavours made using mainly our products and the products of regional businesses.

In winter the meals in Agriturismo are served in the chimney room, a warm and welcoming room with a beautiful fire that is always lit. In summer, we eat in the garden and enjoy the freshness of the evenings.

All our guests sit around the same table because an Agriturismo also implies conviviality and a delight in getting to know people who often share the same love for nature and the environment.

Farmhouse Restaurant Florence
Farmhouse Restaurant Florence Dining on the Farm

Our small restaurant offers you the chance to taste simple natural dishes, prepared with seasonal products from our vegetable garden and animals.
All our recipes are based on traditional local cuisine, exclusively using ingredients from our farm or from carefully chosen farms nearby. And we are sorry if you can not find "ribollita" on our menu in August or strawberry cake in January! However, you will have the chance to taste forgotten flavours.
We are a family-run business and all the dishes are prepared especially for you by Antonella and Riccardo. For this reason, we ask you that you book the dinners at least one day before.

Agriturismo con Maneggio Toscana Walking together

We suggest beautiful walks for you to take in the woods and vineyards. We can go and visit our sculptor friend, cross the hills to go shopping in the small village of Acone or have lunch at Giulia and Carlo's restaurant below the peak of Mount Giovi.
Sometimes children do not like walking for a long time so we have found a solution to suit everyone: Adults on foot and children riding ponies and donkeys.

There are many beautiful and varied routes that can take from one hour to a whole day and every week we put together a different proposal that is best suited to a group in our experience.

Farmhouse Restaurant Florence Farm animals

These are Antonella's great passion and over the years she has managed to create a real mini "Zoo Farm".
The majority of them have a name and will die of old age.
If there any leftovers from the kitchen, Marcella the pig and Otto the wild boar will be happy to help out; while all it takes is a fresh leaf to please Elio the goat, who lives in a spacious enclosure with his wife, Ludmilla and their kids, Pasquale and Carla.
While, donkeys Palmira and Margherita, and Tommi the mule are always ready to accompany you on the most challenging treks, either carrying your heavy backpacks or giving the children a ride in their saddle.
And then we have horses, sheep, dogs, cats, and many different species of birds. There isn't enough space to write all their names: come and meet them!
If you want to bring your four-legged friends along, they are more than welcome!

Farmhouse Restaurant Florence Journey Stop-Over

The farmhouse can also serve as a stop-over for journeying horse-back riders. In addition to the apartments, we also have another room with a separate bathroom, as well as a large common room with a fireplace, that can be used to have meals and spend time together.
The horses can rest in large paddocks or in box and food for them is always available and of the highest quality.
If you wish to go on a long horse-back riding journey in the area with a lay-over in other similar farmhouses, we can provide you with interesting itineraries and information for interesting day-long rides.

Farmhouse Restaurant Florence Products

Our family has lived and worked here since 1990. The products from our vegetable garden are actually the result of years of work and research to rediscover ancient varieties and ones that have almost disappeared, those most suited to these soils and which can be grown in a completely natural way.
We only have a limited production, but enough to ensure that there are, for most of the year, fresh and natural products on our table and on that of our guests.
We make delicious jams using fruit from our very own trees that can be enjoyed at breakfast, dinner is served with our extra virgin olive oil, and eggs from our chickens are used to make pasta.
And lots more: try our spelt bread, elderberry syrup, homemade yogurt ....

Farmhouse Restaurant Florence Surroundings and exursions

Though the farm “The Poet” is immersed in surrounding woods and olive trees, it is perfectly situated to offer a variety of daily outings and activities to the vacationing guests. Florence is only only 30 km (18 miles) away and we will provide you with all the necessary information ranging from the best restaurants to the most interesting cultural events.

Nearby there are also numerous, well-marked nature paths for walks, trekking or mountain biking, away from traffic roads and starting directly from the complex. And going fishing is only a short excursion away, at a small lake in the valley beneath the farm house.

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